Coaching Basketball Offense: UCLA High Post Offense

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Head Basketball Coach University of Alabama
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Coach Mark Gottfried began his basketball coaching career at UCLA under the guidance of coach and mentor, John Wooden. Now Head Basketball Coach at the University of Alabama, it is clear that Mark Gottfried is dedicated to success - the success of his athletes. Know your athletes and their the skills. Give them offensive strategies that maximize their talents and teach them how to bring it all together. Using the UCLA High Post and Guard Cut Offense, Coach Gottfried discusses strategies and options that can be adapted to your players' specific skills.

Basketball: The Importance of a Sound Coaching Philosophy

In this introduction to coaching basketball offense, the importance of developing a sound philosophy and sticking to it is discussed. Calling on the words of his mentor, Coach John Wooden, Coach Gottfried stresses that a coach should "teach what you know and know what you teach."

The UCLA High Post Offense - Introduction

The key to a successful offense is "putting the right players in the right places to be the best that they can be." This offense begins with teaching guards how to get open in the operational area. Coach discusses the role of each player and the initial skills each needs to learn to get the ball to the basket.

Guard Cut Offense and Forward Duck

The Guard Cut Offense and Forward Duck are outlined here. Emphasizing that this is a read offense, Coach details the responsibilities of the Guards, Forwards, and Center and strategies for a successful read.

Side Post Offense - Guard Cut

This offensive series gives players "all kinds of options" based on the offensive player's read. Why does this offense work? The Offense controls the game. Defenders have to be good enough to guard offensive players in a lot of different positions and a lot of different plays to get around this offense.

Side Post Offense - Strategies

Coach demonstrates a number of Side Post Offensive options. Foot placement and angle of alignment on the court, the V-Cut, Inside Screen, and One Bounce Dribble. The options seem endless. The game may seem that way too - for the defense that is.

"Guard Follow" - Read Offense

Using a UCLA Guard Cut, this offensive strategy relies on each player making the right read and the right moves (at the right time of course). Watch out for the Hand-Back, and what about the Center? He's a "head-hunter" now. Defense be warned!

"Guard Around" - Read Offense

Relying on well-coached athletes who can read the action, the Guard Around strategy is great when you have a Forward who can really shoot the basket. Several options for this offense are presented by Coach Gottfried.

Guard Screen Offense - Pop the Stack

The Guard Screen Offense is "easy to scout - hard to beat," according to Coach Gottfried. Putting the Guard one step in front of the basket, this offensive strategy forces the defender to follow to the high side. In this offense, anytime you hit the guard off the double, then "Pop the Stack" for a play that's hard to beat.

The Forward Reverse - The Zipper Play

Your offense has been reading plays so far. Haven't had to call one yet. Now you do. The Forward reverse calls for one on one skills. Teach your players to "attack" the basket. The Zipper play is a good easy play - take it hard on the dribble. Coach Gottfried shows you how it can be done successfully...and hits the highlights on the skills offensive players need to make these strategies work.

The Flex Offense

reading is Fundamental. In life and on the court. These reads involve coaching, practice, and game time to go the distance. Play it to either side of the floor, but ultimately, your players take it to the scoreboard with this one.

Offense Under Pressure: Guard Dribble - Pass and Go!

Forward screen. Cross screen. Pass. Go. Dribble. Hand-Off! The pressure is on. Your offense can handle it! Teach your athletes the skills necessary to control the court under pressure.