Basketball Warm Up Drills

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Head Basketball Coach
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Coach Cornelius demonstrates some of the basketball warm up drills he has used to get his teams to their peak performance prior to a game. These basketball drills can also be used at practices to help develop skills your athletes need.

Basketball Warm-Up Drills

Two lines, a pass, a cut to the basket and a lay-up. A great way to get your athletes thinking about the game (Basketball Drills).

Back Door Cuts - Basketball Drill

Everyone is moving as this basketball drill works on the back door cut with a bounce pass to the basket (Basketball Drills).

4 High Shooting - Basketball Drill

Also known as the "Princeton Drill", you'll be using 3 balls and everyone shoots, passes and rebounds (Basketball Drill).

Basketball Shooting Drill

Typically used in pre-game warm up for almost every game, this basketball drill adds a bit of competition to your warm-up series (Basketball Drill).

Pass and Shoot Basketball Drill

This basketball drill places emphasis on crisp, sharp passes and continues to work your team and get them ready to play (Basketball Drill).

Skip Pass Basketball Drill

Pass. Fade. Cut. Shoot. This basketball drill sharpens the skip pass (Basketball Drill).

Minute Thirty Basketball Drill

This basketball drill uses the ticking clock to put some pressure on your shooters to make the shots like in a game situation (Basketball Drill).

3-Point Shot Basketball Drill

Pass then fade to make the 3-point shot. This basketball drill is for each of your athletes to help them improve their percentages (Basketball Drill).

Cut To Basket

If they overplay the elbow, this basketball drill works on the cut to the basket for 2 (Basketball Drill).

Last Second Play

This play takes 5 or 6 seconds and is a great way to get a basket near the end of a time period (Basketball).

More Options

If your play is countered, here's a counter-counter that will get your shooter in scoring position (Basketball).