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We put the X's and O's in motion right on your computer screen with some basic plays you can use with your team. The MyCoachOnline free football playbook is full of free football plays you can take to the field today.

Double Slot Speed Sweep Left

A sweep around the left side makes this just one of the many effective football plays in our free animated football playbook out of the double slot formation.

Double Slot Speed Sweep Right

Add this play to your football playbook to move the ball around the right side from a double slot formation.

Pro Left, Tail back counter left (vs 4-3)

Movement and deception are used in the backfield to confuse the defense so your offense gains the yardage it needs. This is the first of several football plays from the pro formation in our free football playbook.

Pro Left, Tail back counter left (vs 6-2)

It's the same football play against a different defensive set up that we've added to our football playbook.

Pro Right, Fullback inside dive left

This football play is one that ground pounders should love! It has the fullback gaining yardage over the left guard.

Pro Right, fullback inside dive right

Just like the dive left but on the other side of the center to add variety to your football playbook arsenal.

Pro Right, Fullback off Tackle

The pro formation is versatile and this animation helps your football playbook open up the defense a little more.

Pro Right, fullback outside dive right

This is a football play that moves the ball down the field and gives you options as you move toward the edges of the football field.

Pro Right, Fullback Trap Right

Trap plays are almost always fun for an offensive lineman and need to be a part of your football playbook. This trap play sends your fullback right up the middle of the field.

Pro Right, Tailback ISO Right

We've ignored your tailback till now, here's an animated football play that gives your tailback a chance to scurry down the field.

Pro Right, Tailback Toss Right

A good toss makes the defender look kind of silly, so practice your execution and your tailback will rack up the yardage.

Slot Left, Fullback Inside Dive Left

Back to the fullbackcan you say ground game?

Slot Right, Tailback Inside Right

This football play gets the football to the tailback over the right guard.