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This football series covers basic football skills and drills. Coach covers the basics of handling the football in all situations: hand-off, toss, pass, or interception. But, getting your hands on the football is just the beginning. Now you've got to hold onto it! The basic ball carrying skills and drills in this series will help your athletes do just that. Of course, when a player has the football, the tackler is working to hit his mark. Proper tackling is not just about winning, it's about safety. This basic football skills and drills series includes tackling basics - neck, hand, body, and leg position - for effective and SAFE tackling.

basic football skills and drills: Ball Handling and The Hand-off Drill

It's not enough to get your hands on the football; You have to know how to hang on to it. This basic football skills and drills session covers Ball Handling - how and where on the body to hold the football so that it is protected in running and tackling situations. Using the Hand-Off Drill basic Ball Handling Drills, athletes work on moving the ball from side-to-side keeping it away from the defense. You can find more running back skills here.

basic football skills and drills: Receiving the Toss

Even the greatest Quarterbacks don't always make a great toss. Here athletes learn the basic football skills and drills of how to handle the football at the toss, including proper catching techniques and how to "look the football in all the way" until it is tucked for the run. Remember the running back must protect the football, here is some ball handling tips to help hold on.

basic football skills and drills: The Angle Run Drill

This Football Drill is a changing direction drill that continues to work on Ball Handling skills as players cut back and forth across the field. Buzz - Plant - Cross - Buzz - Plant - Cross - all the while moving the football properly across the chest and tucking it safely away from the defense.

basic football skills and drills: Quick Hand (Push-Off) Drill and Quick Hand Double Speed Drill

What happens to the football when a players loses balance and stumbles on the carry? No-brainer that the Defense hopes for a fumble. These two football skills and drills are designed to help players learn the basic football skills needed to to "push off" the ground and regain balance without losing momentum or the football.

basic football skills and drills: The Noose Drill

This football passing drill is a slow, loosening up drill. Backs and receivers practice the basic football skills and drills of catching and tucking the ball as they turn away from the tackler and head down the field.

Football Offensive Skills: The Pat & Go and Hitch Drills

While the basic football skills and drills such as ball handling is still a focus, the object of these football drills is a solid stance and good footwork. Both the Pat & Go and the Hitch Drill work on planting the proper foot to secure the stance and catch the football (football skills and drills)

basic football skills and drills: The Go Route Drill

With a three step drop, the Quarterback throws the Go-Route getting the football away from the defender. The Quarterback's job is to throw the football over the over the outside shoulder of the Receiver so it is either caught or goes out of bounds. A good way to strengthen basic football skills working the Quarterback and the Receiver (football skills and drills). We have some quarterback fundamentals available if you need them.

Football Defensive Skills: The Back Peddle Drill

Pass! Pass! Pass! Ball! Ball! Ball! Bingo! This is a vocal football drill. Putting athletes in the position of Defensive Back, the athlete "back peddles" for the catch, then makes the turn and, hopefully, the score.

Football Defensive Skills: The Read the Shoulder Drill

This football drill for defensive backs is about reading the quarterback's shoulder as he prepares to pass. With a Quarterback shoulder turn to the right or left, the defensive back makes the read and gets in position for the interception. Catch the football, break right or left, then head for the goal line!

Football Tackling Drills: The Fit Up Drill

The Fit-Up Drill is a basic tackling drill. Proper tackling is not just about winning, it's about safety. Proper position of the face and neck are critical to preventing serious injury. These tackling basics go through hand, body, and leg position for effective - and safe - tackling.

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