Football Skills and Drills

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Tuscaloosa County High School
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This football clinic Looks at various skills used for blocking and shaking blocks. Stance, strategy, and the read are all apart of the skills these players learn in this football video series.

Football Skill Drills

This set of football drills will help your athletes play more effectively. The first is a Ball Get Off drill working on getting close to the football The Key drill is an attack front drill getting a run read, pass read, and draw read. The Double Team drill teaches athletes how to fight pressure with pressure. The Control the Blocker Drill and shed block for tackling the running back.

The Front Side of the Zone- Fighting Pressure with Pressure

This exercise works the front side of the zone. Coach walks these athletes through the various positions and strategies of fighting pressure with pressure for a double win on the play. Players learn how to throw their hips into the gap to hold their opponent.

Front Side Zone - Shaking the Block and Ripping to the Running Back

Back to front side zone in this last video of this football skills video. Athletes learn how to shake the block and rip to the the running back.