Youth Football: The Basics of the Game

Hal Riddle all by Hal Riddle

Head Football Coach Hewitt-Trussville High School
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You knew the day would come. Your son has talked about football since the first day he could raise his arms into the air and yell "Touchdown!" Now you've been asked to coach his youth league football team. Time to brush up on the basics. Coach Hall Riddle, Head Coach of Hewitt Trussville High School, starts at the beginning - the football field. Learn the fundamental rules of game - from the number of players allowed at the scrimmage line to how points get on the board. Whether you're a volunteer coach, a youngster interested in the game, or a parent trying to keep up with your kids, the best place to start is right here - the beginning.

Football Basics 101 - The Field, The Teams, The Time

Most people know a football field is 100 yards long (excluding the end zone, that is). But, do you know the distance from hash line to hash line on a football field? Learn the basics on field dimensions, player numbers, and game times in this Football 101 video.

Football Basics 102 - Down, Set, Hike

From the beginning coin toss to the fourth down and everything in between. Learn the fundamentals of the football game so you won't have to "punt" the questions your kid asks. (Okay, that was lame. We admit it. But the video is not, so get to watching.)

Football Basics 103 - Life after the Fourth Down

Turnover. Touchback. If this sounds like an exercise regimen to you, you need to watch this video! We'd hate for you to "fumble" your way through the football season, so learn the terms associated with the game. (All right, promise, no more football puns.)

Football Basics 104 - Offense

Gain a basic understanding of the positions on the offensive team and the types of athletes needed to fill them. From the right tackle to the center to the quarterback, every player has a job to do - and every coach wants to ensure they do it!

Football Basics 105 - The Defense

What does the defensive line look like? Tough, quick, and intimidating. Here you'll learn the basic make-up of the defensive team, including the positions and plays that require special talents.