Defensive Linemen Block Reaction Drill

Wes Brooks all by Wes Brooks

Head Baseball Coach Oxford High School
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Another drill set from The Southeastern Line Camp where the defensive lineman are working against 3 types of blocks. Your defensive lineman will either see a reach block, a down block or an offensive lineman will pull to block your defensive lineman. In this drill, the defender doesn't know what block is coming, but as a defensive lineman, he must shed the block properly so he can make the play. The coaching in this video is outstanding, so pay attention to the coaching points that Coach Brooks makes as the drill progresses.

Block Reaction Drill Overview

The drill is discussed in detail with all of the linemen so everyone understands how the drill works. The drill is modified for each football player depending on the down lineman position and technique the lineman normally plays.

reading blocks

The drill continues with the linemen learning to anticipate the type of block they will probably get, then read the block that occurs then react to the block to pursue the ball carrier. Again, this video series is FULL of great information and you'll want to rewind and take notes as you watch.