Football Offensive Line Drills: Blocking for Draws and Screens

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Coach Prattville HS
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Offensive linemen always have blocking assignments and when the play is a draw or a screen, the assignment is yet another specialized technique your offensive linemen needs drills to perfect, because draws and screens require your offensive linemen to communicate, recognize a defense then work together as they attack the defense and move the football down the field.

Drills for screen and draw blocking

Footwork, proper running angles, and speed are just a part of the focus in these football drills as Coach Richards teaches offensive linemen sound techniques for blocking draw plays and screens.

Your center and guard must be proficient doing a bear crawl because their assignment in this drill is to neutralize the defensive tackle.

Your offensive tackle must be quick to get to the linebacker using speed and agression to do his job.

Using the techniques in these drills, your offense will be able to effectively use screens and draws to move the ball down the football field.