Football Offensive Line Drills: Beating the Blitz, Twist, and Stunts

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Teaching the fundamentals of pass blocking is important. An offensive lineman must know how to step and punch to give the play time to unfold and the quarterback time to throw an accurate pass to the designated receiver. In addition to teaching the fundamentals, coaches need to teach reality, because the defense is going to blitz, twist and otherwise find stunts that make it impossible for the offensive lineman to simply step and punch until the ball is thrown. This drill series will help your offensive linemen pick up those stunts and react accordingly.

Step and Punch Pass Block Video

In this football skills segment, offensive linemen work on picking up the blitz, twist, and other stunts. Starting with the proper stance and alignment for the vertical set, you'll insure your offensive linemen understand their pass block technique of stepping and punching.

Then, this offensive line drill puts a defensive rusher against the lineman who twists and turns to break thru. The offensive lineman treats this as a mirror drill and holds his block against the defender.