Defensive Line

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Here's a defensive line discussion from the Alabama Football Coaches association convention. This talk covers what you as a coach can do to help build a successful defensive line with the kids you have...or develop.

Defensive Line: Basic Practice

What is a basic practice day for the defensive line and how the coaches coordinate the limited time they have to insure they get the most out of their valuable time.

Defensive Line

Every day your defensive line should be tackling and doing stunts. Here a few stunts and drills are covered that will help your team develop.

Defensive Line

Before the snap there are a things that have to be done every time such as down and distance or time and score. Your defensive line should also know what the offensive line is telling you by how he's lining up.

Defensive Line: Alignment

Alignment is based on several things, but your defensive linemen should never get caught in a reach block or give up a penalty!

Defensive Line

Hand Placement is probably the most overlooked skill in High School D line play and you must try to work hand placement every day against live body Defense.

Defensive Line: Release Types

Getting off the block is the objective of the defensive lineman. It's ok to get blocked, it's NOT ok to stay blocked and that is where your defensive front guys knowing the different release types.

Defensive Line: Pass Rush

Effort and desire are critical to a successful pass rush, and knowing what the objective is as a rusher is important. Remember while a sack is great, there are other things that are just as helpful!