Building (or re-building) A Football Program

Bobby Bentley all by Bobby Bentley

Head Football Coach Presbyterian College
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Starting a football program from scratch or rebuilding a program that's in the basement is a tough job. Coach Bob Bentley has done a great job in rebuilding a program and shares his thoughts with you in this clinic video.


Building a program is a tough chore, and here's an overview of what it takes to build it from the youth leagues to the seniors.

Building Your Program: Get Good

To start, you need to pick something and get GOOD at that thing, then build on that success.

Building Your Program: What it takes to win

Knowing what it takes to win is essential to winning. And you've got to determine what you need to do to beat your opponent.

Build a philosophy

Your philosophy is the backbone of what it takes to win, so you have to know what your philosophy is and you must be able to tell your coaches and players what it is.

Keys to and effective Offense

Everything has key points, and here's the key points to running a successful offense.

Passing Game Key Points

If the passing game is a key point of the offense, and the passing game has it's own key points worth remembering.

Pre Snap Reads

Before the snap is when you have time to read the defense, and here's some keys and priorities you need to instill in your quarterback as he reads a defense.

Some Plays

And now to the X's and O's! Here's a few plays that you can incorporate into your offense to help your team gain some yardage.