Building A Football Program

Tommy Tuberville all by Tommy Tuberville

Head Football Coach Auburn University
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Coach Tommy Tuberville of Auburn University speaks at the Alabama Football Coaches Association clinic and discusses ways to make your team better...and this is NOT an "X" "O" talk.

What Builds Consistency?

Building consistency in your football program is a critical part of what must happen to build a program that is competitive year after year.

Attitude of Your Team

Attitude is 20% what happens and 80% of how you react to what happens. The attitude of your football players is vital, because they will become what they believe.

Change and Involvment

Change isn't always a bad thing and it's something that can benefit any orgnization, including your team.

Importance of Off-Season Training

The off season is where your boys become men. It's the time they can be pushed to do things they never thought they could do as they work to become bigger, faster, quicker and stronger.

Audience Questions

Coach Tuberville fields questions from the audience.