Building An Offensive Package

Chris Yeager all by Chris Yeager

Head Football Coach Mountain Brook High School
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This is a multi part series covering how one of the most successful football programs in Alabama develops their offensive plan based on the skills and desires of the football players they have on the roster.


Coach Yeager Southeastern Line Camp gives an overview of what they have, how it relates to other schools and his ideas on what to do with it to build a strong team.

Designing Your Offensive Package

Designing your offensive package takes knowing your kids and coaches then understanding how they can be brought together to best utilize their football skills.

Developing Football Skills

Developing skills that will apply to your offense can be incorporated into every aspect of your coaching day. Coach Yeager covers how his coaching staff builds their athletes football skills.

5 Base Line Skills

There are 5 basic offensive line skills that are the base for anything your offensive line needs to do to help your running backs gain yardage.

X&O Formations

How your offensive line reacts to different formations and shifts is covered in this overhead presentation.