Wide Receiver Distraction Drill

Joey Hamilton all by Joey Hamilton

coach Greenville HS
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Watch this video now to see drills that will help you train your wide receivers to catch the football under any conditions. We've all seen the guy that can run down the field alone and magically catch a less than perfectly thrown football. We've also seen that same wide receiver drop the perfectly thrown pass in a game when the defensive back is trailing him by just a step.

Overcoming distractions is a learned skill and football skills that are learned can be taught using drills. For a wide receiver, distraction drills are vital because they teach your receiver to focus his concentration on the most important job he has going at the time...catching the football and tucking it away. When your receiver learns this skill, you'll be able to capitalize on those perfectly thrown passes that thread their way through a jumble of defenders to move the ball down field.

Receiver Drills: Catching the Football Under Pressure

Coach Joey Hamilton starts out this football practice session reinforcing proper catching techniques. Then the drills begin! Players learn how to receive the football under game-like conditions. In traffic, after the break, to the side - whatever the distraction - this drill helps players make the catch and avoid the tackle!