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Larry Harbin all by Larry Harbin

Head Basketball Coach and Assistant Football Coach John Carroll Catholic High School
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Coach Larry Harbin, Offensive Line Coach for John Carroll High School (and formery a coach at Shades Valley and Hoover High Schools), puts athletes on the offensive - the offensive line drills, that is. Using the Six Point Explosion Drill, Fit Drill, and Drive Block Drill, Coach Harbin takes athletes from stance to fit to follow through. But wait, there's more offensive line drills. Show them what's behind door number .... sorry, got carried away. There is more though. Once the offensive linemen know HOW to move they need to know WHERE to go. Coach Harbin runs players through the Trap Play, Counter Play, and Dive Play, so that each offensive lineman hits his mark - the defensive line.

Six Point Explosion Drill

Football offensive line drills are about Power. It starts with the stance: Six Points. The offensive lineman is ready to explode on to the field. Hike! Shoot the hands. Watch knowledge, skill, and good coaching come together in an explosion of power. Then watch the defense crumble. But first, watch this football offensive line drills video.

The Fit Drill (offensive line drills)

The player has exploded from his six point stance. Now he's in motion. The power is coming from the hips, and the cheers are coming from the stands. Football offensive line drills that demonstrate how to put all that power into motion, as the offensive lineman fits himself against the defense.

The Drive Block Drill

We've got the stance. We've got the fit. Now, it's time for the follow through. Another of our football offensive line drills that take the offense from "wait and see" to "deal with me".

The Trap Play

Move fast and step with the right, that is proper, foot. Coach Harbin leads these young offensive linemen from alignment to assignment in this football video (offensive line drills).

The Counter Play (offensive line drills)

Counter Left. Counter Right. The object is to misdirect the defense. The play to use is the Counter Play. The offensive line uses this counter-attack to lead the defense astray, and their team to to the goal.

The Dive Play (offensive line drills)

Dive? This is football right? You better believe it. This is football at it's best! Young athletes learning the proper way to execute a play. Clean. Clear. Successful. The Dive Play is a standard in every coach's playbook.

The Offensive Lineman Stance

Two point. Four Point. Six Point. The flag. Wait! What? A penalty flag?! Why?! That's what Coach Harbin explains in this football video. It's not enough to know the stance - you have to know when to hold it.