Football Drills: Lineman

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If you want the your opponent's quarterback awake all night thinking of footwork to scramble, then see the drills Coach Harmon uses with his defensive linemen to build them into a formidable wall.

Ball Call and Take Off

This segment teaches your defensive linemen to yell "ball" when the center touches the football, and it shows the correct way to take off (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Hand Placement

Coach shows players where to place their hands when getting past blockers (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Hip-Power Drill

This is a football drill that will help your defensive linemen get off the line quickly with the most power (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Developing Handwork

Your defensive linemen have to use their hands, and here Coach Harmon works with hand speed and how to take on a run block (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Pass Rushing

Agressive and determined, we show the "Rip Technique" combined with an "arm over" move to put the QB on the ground before the football is in the air (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Counter Moves

In this football video segment, athletes learn how to use a rip counter move and a counter move for the arm-over technique (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Hoops Drill and Pop-Up Dummy Drills

These football drills help with angling in towards the QB and the hand work defensive linemen must use to get to the QB (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Inside Club Move

If nothing else, you've got to like the name if you are a defensive guy! Coach demonstrates how the inside club move is performed...which also helps with quick hands (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Preparation For Pass Rushing

Here is a football drill that helps the defensive linemen prepare for what they'll see while puttng the pressure on the QB (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Basic 4-3 Alignment

This segment covers the numbering of holes in the offensive line and how basic stunts are performed (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Defensive Line Drills and Skills

Coach discusses the application of these drills and skills used, including adapting strategies based on the size and skill level of your defensive linemen (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).