Defensive Back Drills and Techniques

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Coach Derrick Ansley of Huntingdon College demonstrates defensive back drills starting with the fundamentals of stance, back peddling, sticking, and turning. These drills progressively incorporate these fundamentals while adding additional skills that are "must haves" for Defensive Backs. Breaking Drills - Turning Drills - Acceleration Drills - they're all here to help your DBs learn how to make the cut.. and the stick...and the turn...and the...okay, enough, you get the idea. Now get to the videos!

Football Skills: Defensive Back Drills

Several great Defensive Back Drills are offered in this segment. Starting with proper stance, back peddling, and sticking techniques, these drills progressively incorporate many of the skills need to be an effective Defensive Back. The "45 Degree Break" and the "90 Degree Break" are the drills that put it all together - Stance, Start, Back Peddle, Stick, Cut, Hustle. These are high energy football drills that will fine turn DB skills.

Football Skills: Defensive Back Drills

The Speed Turn Drill - post route and corner route - is first up here. The goal is to beat the receiver to the football. Sometimes though, you have to go for the tackle. The Shimmy is a great Tackling Drill that can be modified for use with or without pads.. Last up are Acceleration Drills: stance, start, back peddle, stick, and explode toward the action.