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Many big plays happen...or are prevented because of mistakes or great jobs in the defensive secondary, here's drills to help build a secondary that makes your crowd stand and applaud.

Equalizer drill

Teaches a back how to keep up with a faster receiver (defensive back drills).

Backpedal and Break

Adds on the backpedal drill, to get your man to the ball (defensive back drills).

Bad Turn Drill

Shows how to recover and regain coverage after your man makes a bad turn (defensive back drills).

Backpedal Drill

This video covers the defensive backs stance and the Backpedal Drill (defensive back drills).


Demonstrates side to side movement while covering a receiver (defensive back drills).

Four Corners Drill

Combines several drills to help break the monotony of repetition (defensive back drills).

Lane Action

Discusses what your backs need to look for when the quarterback is moving. Coach Cook covers the terminology used when the quarterback moves to different areas of the backfield (defensive back drills).