Football Drills - Stab on the Pass Set

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At the Southeastern Line Camp, young athletes learn many of the specific skills and techniques that make a football player (and team) successful on the field. Football Coach Brenon Meadows of Moody High School, teaches these young athletes what it really means to work with your hands. Using the Stab and Bull Rush Drills, Coach Meadows teaches athletes to use their heads - and not just for thinking! Executing a "stab" properly will stop a defensive lineman in his tracks. Proper hand position, timing, and using the head, hands, and body for maximum power are just a few of the skills covered as these athletes learn how, when, and where to "shoot the hands" to take charge of their opponents.

The Stab Set and Bull Rush Drills

Athletes need to be able to know not just how, but when to shoot the hands. Good timing isn't everything in this power play, but it is essential to success. Coach Meadows takes athletes through the Stab Drill (and through the opposition) as he instructs on technique, timing, and power.

Additional Stab Set Drill

In the Bull Rush no one is waving a red flag, but one HUGE red bag that takes some awesome hits. Watch as Coach Meadows puts athletes on the offensive (and defensive) sides of the bag, rather, play to fine tune those hand skills on the pass set.