Football: Defensive Philosophy

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Coach Bobby Wallace discusses defensive philosophy and cover 2 pattern reads at the Alabama Football Coaches Association convention. Starting with what the football defensive football player basics to the reactions to drags and trips.

Football Defensive Philosophy

A good defensive position player needs to concentrate on the position, have good eyes on the field, staying on his feet, know how to "shock, block and shed".

More Football

More things a defensive position player has to do are swarm the football, tackle (with the eyes) and touch the football!

Cover 2

Cover 2 pattern reads are covered in this discussion. This clip is an 'X' and 'O' clip that shows alignments on the field.

Football: Linebacker Reactions

The linebackers see 3 things with his eyes and how your linebacker reacts to those things is one of the factors that determines how successful your football defense is.

Football Cover 2: Drags and Trips

When you see a drag across the field you've got to communicate and react and here's the "x" and "O" football stuff to give you ideas to be successful.

Clip 6

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