Football: Defensive Strategies

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Defensive Coordinator University of Florida
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Coach Charlie Strong of the University of Florida discusses his football team's successful defensive strategy. Florida was the number one rushing defense in their conference last year. It's a simple defense that forces the offense to run the football. And, it works!

Football: Defensive Strategies - Part One

Coach Strong begins this football video series by reviewing his college football coaching history. With vast experience at various high level universities, Coach has learned that regardless of the great players you have at any given time, it comes down to building a successful football program. That includes helping players in reach their full abilities.

Football: Defensive Strategies - Part Two

The focus of this football series is stopping the run. How does Florida do it? They always try to get an extra guy in the box. Coach explains practice organization and coaching philosophies for achieving defensive success using the techniques that made Florida the number one rushing defense in their conference last year.

Football: Defensive Strategies - Part Three

. Time to talk about tackling. It's Form, Fit, and Follow Through. Coach explains the techniques used to create great tacklers Using a Pursual Drill, athletes learn how to run to the football rather than after a jersey. Then it's time for the X's and O's. Coach begins an in-depth discussion of Under Orange strategy.

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Four

Florida loves Under Orange because the offense will run the football. So, it's critical that the defense understand where the football is going to go. Most of time the offense will try to run a power play. Coach draws out the action and discusses ways the offense can run the ball and how his defense counters the run.

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Five

When any type of zone is being run against the defense, the goal is to make the football go sideways. The offense won't be able to outrun the defense in this situation. Coach discusses flow and how to incorporate flow strategies into practice.

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Six

This football video segment continues discussion on making defensive adjustments based on offensive strategies. This strategy relies on the strong safety as the adjuster. Coach uses video of past Florida games to help demonstrate the strategy.

Football : Defensive Strategy - Part Seven

Time for the Nickle. In this segment Coach goes into how to combat the spread formation. You have to bring another man into the box and the strong safety is the man. Then the Nickle comes in - always aligned to the passer's strength. The X's and O's are drawn out. Coach also begins discussion of line movements to defining gap movements. These are strategies for changing up the gaps.

Football Defensive Strategies - Part Eight

Here the discussion continues on changing up the gap. It includes the Exchange Call which allows a defense to mix up the calls and get the gaps cleared up. Knowing your opponent helps a defense prepare the strategies and calls that are needed to be successful in a football game.

Football Defensive Strategies - Part Nine

The Spear Stunt is often used by Florida defense to "change it up some." In this football segment, the Spear Stunt is explained. Coach uses it often to get negative yardage on a play. Variations on the play are also discussed based on the skills of the athletes.

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Ten

What happens with the offense give you Twins. Doesn't matter in Under Orange. Coach shows how to do change up that still look like Under Orange to the offense but allow the defense to be successful. Other stunts are offered in this video.

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Eleven

Coach Strong shows video tapes from different Florida games that demonstrate the stunt plays discussed along with variations on previous plays while giving commentary on the action.

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Twelve

Florida football video and commentary continues in this last segment as Coach wraps up this football defensive strategy series.