Coaching Football: Running Back Drills

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Stances. Starts. Blocks. Coach Gerald Gann goes through the Three Point Stance and Two Point Stance, then gets down and dirty with running back drills. Hand-off drills. Angle Drills. Quick Hand Down. Blocking, blocking, and more blocking. This video series of running back drills is packed with great information and demonstration!

Two Point Stance

Another must-know stance for a running back, this video shows the fine points of the two point stance.

Angle Drill

This drill works on turning, cutting and moving the ball across the body (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Blocking...a bit more

Well, actually its more than just a bit more, a back has to know how to block and this running back drills shows how it is done (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Hand-off Drills

Running back drills for honing the exchange of the ball to help cut down on fumbles and deceive the defense (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Three Point Stance

Coach Gann demonstrates the 3 point stance, from the getting into it all the way to firing off when the ball is snapped.

The Hand-off

The details of a hand-off, arm placement and holding the ball are covered in this running back drills video.

Protecting the Ball

Many turnovers occur when the ball is not adequately protected, and keeping the points of the ball covered will keep the ball secure as you move it across your body and away from the defenders (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Quick Hand Down Drill

Keeping your balance, moving forward and holding on to the football, all covered in this set of running back drills (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).


Freezing a defender using a fake is as important as a good block. Coach Gann covers some faking drills (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).


What a running back needs to know to be a blocker (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).