Football Drills: The Hoop Drills

Chad Cochran all by Chad Cochran

Coach Pell City High School
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Hoop drills are made to order if you are coaching defensive linemen and these videos show you some hoop drills that you can immediately incorporate into your practice plan. This hoop drill series progresses naturally starting against dummies then progressing to a game of chase between two defensive linemen where the winner is the master of leverage and lean!

Football Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is a defensive line drill that works on your defensive lineman's ability to use leverage and lean as he works his way around the offensive linemen on his way to the quarterback. Watch this defensive line drill video as Coach Cochran pits a defensive lineman against 2 teammates using dummies and helps his defensive linemen perfect their defensive skills.

Football Drill: Stripping The Ball

Strip. Scoop. Run. Still using the hoop and building on the leverage and lean of the previous drill, your defensive linemen fights through the offensive linemen, strips the ball from the quarterback then scoops the ball and runs down the field. This is a great drill to adopt if you expect your defensive linemen to create turnovers.

Rabbit Drill

The Rabbit Drill for defensive linemen is another great hoop drill to break the monotony of the same old defensive line drills because it gets competition going with your defensive linemen. This defensive line drill is almost like playing chase, but in a tight figure 8...just like a rabbit doing it's best to get away from the hound! This football drill really shows your football players what leverage and lean is all about.