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Coach Mark Richt covers one of his favorite offensive plays, how to set it up, use it with different formations and how to attack changing defensive schemes using it.

Football Offense: Intro

Coach Richt's opening remarks covering his philosophy on coaching and his background that has helped him develop the well oiled football team he runs today.

Football Offense: Favorite Play

The concept of Coach Richt's favorite play that's versatile and can be run from several formations.

Offensive Plays: More Options

The same football play needed to be adapted to the changing landscape on the football field. Going from under center to the gun snap, Coach Richt covers some of the adaptations they made.

Football Plays: Different Routes

Scat route or arrow route? You'll hear some pros and cons of using either of these routes on your football team.

Football Plays: Versatility

This same play is versatile, you'll be able to change formations till the cows come home, but don't overload yourself!

Football Plays: Reading The Defense

What are your receivers doing as the defense reacts? Coach Richt covers several defense schemes and gives some ideas on beating them.

Football Plays: Beating Coverage

The defense adapts and this single football play also adapts. What should your quarterback be reading as the defense adapts.

More Play Options

It's amazing how one football play can be adapted to different defenses!

Growing Your Players

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