Football Drills: Footwork

Larry Harbin all by Larry Harbin

Head Basketball Coach and Assistant Football Coach John Carroll Catholic High School
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Keep those feet moving. Now. Right foot over left. Left foot over right. Turn your hips. Plant your feet. Ohdrills. Teach your athletes the Shuffle. Next, maybe a little Karaoke. Don't forget the Angle Run. Now "hand hop" on to the Ladder Drill! This video series will warm you up in no time - and as Coach Harbin puts John Carroll football camp athletes through their paces as he teaches them basic football footwork.

Football Drills: Basic Footwork Skills

Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the Football Shuffle. What, you, prefer Karaoke? Well, this video has that too - and more. Try the Angle Run. Now try it (gasp) backwards! These basic football warm-up drills are great for athletes at all levels.

Football: Ladder Drills

Accuracy comes first, then build your speed. That's the skill athletes learn with ladder drills. This video takes you through three variations of the Ladder Drill. This vertical ladder will take athletes to the top!

Football: Obstacle Drills

Obstacles? Not for long, once athletes master these football skills. One-step, two-step, side-to-side....before you know it, you're stepping right over the goal line!