Defensive Line Drills - Hand Placement for Shock and Awe

Paul Averitt all by Paul Averitt

Coach Austin High School
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Hand placement seems like it's to tame of a term, because this defensive line drill is about more than just "placing" hands somewhere. To a defensive lineman, hand placement is a form of "Shock and Awe", a way of telling the offensive lineman who's boss. In fact, hand use for a defensive lineman is something that scouts look at when they are evaluating recruits because strong hands, properly used control the line of scrimmage. This defensive line drill is all about teaching the defensive lineman how to get his hands to the correct place while using his hips to transmit power into the offensive lineman.

Watch this defensive line drill as football Coach Paul Averitt explains the proper hand placement for the defensive lineman. These drills teach players to maximize the defensive attack by using proper hand placement while hitting the target and rolling the hips to increase the power of the contact.

Football Skills: Defensive Line Hand Placement

This drill starts with the defensive linemen in a six point stance and progresses hand placement step by step. Starting with where the hands need to be, then the drill progresses where the defensive lineman explodes his hands into the offensive lineman using his hands and his hips. This video has a lot of "tidbits" that your defensive linemen need to know to insure they win the hand fighting battle in the trenches.