Pass Protection: Using Hands

Lee Gibson all by Lee Gibson

Offensive Line Coach Tuscaloosa County High School
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An offensive lineman needs to know how to use his hands to stop a defensive lineman and protect his passer. This series of drills shows how to stop the head on rush, the high or low attack and the spin move.

Pass Protection: Punch Phase

If the offensive line just had to worry about the defense coming straight at them pass protection would be easy...but football isn't like that! This series of drills covers techniques your offensive linemen can use to defeat the defenders.

Pass Protection: Rapid Fire Punch

This drill teaches the offensive lineman to stop the defensive lineman's rush and protect the passer when the defensive lineman is coming straight ahead.

Pass Protection: High Low Drill

You never know where you'll have to hit the defensive lineman and this drill teaches the offensive lineman to aim high or low depending on where his best target is.

Pass Protection: 4 Corners

The four corner drill teaches your lineman to stop a spin move by the defensive lineman cold.