Inside Draw - Slow Spin

Greer Williams all by Greer Williams

Defensive Line Coach Tuscaloosa County High School
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There is a saying that recognizing a problem is 90% of solving the problem. I know football coaches that would modify that line and say "...recognizing a play is 90% of stopping a play."

Screens and draws seem to be the accepted trick football plays that every offense loves to run as they try to confuse a defense. This drill helps your defensive linemen learn to recognize an outside screen or inside draw then react accordingly. As you study this video, you'll want to use the rewind feature regularly so you can let your eye practice picking up mistakes the kids make...improving your skill as a coach as you think of how you would correct the linemen.

Defensive Line Drill For Inside Draw

In this defensive line drill, your linemen learn that their first priority is the pass rush, but they also learn that they must react quickly using an inside spin move when they recognize an inside draw play in order to stop the ball carrier. Your defensive linemen also learn to recognize an outside screen as they are rushing the passer, then they quickly break off the pass rush and pursue the ball carrier.