Inside Zone Offense: Frontside and Backside Combos Versus Full Zone Blocking

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This is a Chalk Talk at it's best! Coach Charlie Goodyear of Huntingdon College draws the lines while discussing Offensive strategy of the Inside Zone. "The worst thing that can happen to the Inside Zone is the defense getting upfield and getting penetration." Coach discusses Frontside and Backside Combo Blocking, as well as, Full Zone strategy in this football video series. It's a strategy based on teamwork and timing...and it's a strategy that works!

Inside Zone Offense: Introduction to Full Zone and Combo Blocking

This football video series starts with the basics of blocking the Inside zone. Beginning with the angle of the zone step and aiming point of the blocker, Coach Goodyear progresses to the details of the Frontside Combo Blocking strategy.

Inside Zone Offense: Frontside Combo Strategy

Tank? Tus? Gus? That's right. these are the call-outs for the Frontside Combos used by the Huntingdon offensive line. The blocking strategy call is determined by the Runningback's read and defensive coverage.

Inside Zone Offense: Front-Side Combos Versus Full Zone Blocking

Coach offers more on the Frontside Combo Blocking strategy in this football video, including the offender's zone step angle of attack. But, a combo blocking strategy isn't always the way to go. Learn Coach's approach in training his offense to make the call.

Inside Zone Offense: Backside Combos

On the Backside it's the Scoop, Slip, and Stick! A Backside Combo Blocking strategy successfully handles both the read Zone and Split Zone. The Backside Cut-Off is the key to this play.

Inside Zone Offense: Use of the Combo Blocking Strategy Against Forms of the Okie Defensive Front

Relying still on the Runningback's read of the first down lineman, Coach discusses Frontside and Backside combos against various forms of the "old school" defense.

Inside Zone Offense: Zone Blocking Fronts Out of a Spread Defense

The purpose of Zone Blocking is to pick-up anything outside of the run game - slants, angles, blitzes, twists. This segment discusses offensive zone blocking against the 4-1 and 4-2 defense.

Inside Zone Offense: Zone Blocking Against the 3-2 Okie

These various combo strategies are successful against fronts out of the spread defense, including various forms of the 8 man front. Here Coach discusses blocking the 3-2 Okie defense .

Inside Zone Offense: Zone Blocking the 3-3 Stack and Making the Full Zone Call

Another form of the 8 man front, the 3-3 stack is successfully held by zone blocking. Again, it's important to train your offensive line to employ a front and backside combo blocking strategy. But, it's just as important to train your line to know when to make the full zone call.