Football Defensive Line Drills: The Kick Out Block

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The Kick Out Block is the focus of these defensive line drills. Coach Mike Thorsen of Mountain Brook High School's Southeastern Line Camp coaches young players on the right way to Wrong Arm the offense. Yes, that's right. It's supposed to be Wrong. Coach Thorsen and Coach Greg Jeffcoat cover proper head position, step, and body position to maximize the Kick Out Block and minimize the opposition.

Kick Out Block Drill - Part One

This Kick Out Block Drill starts with the basics. Coaches Thorsen and Jeffcoat demonstrate proper footwork, head position, and hip movement in this defensive line drills. When correctly executed, the Kick Out Block will stop your opponent's progression and keep your defensive lineman moving!

Kick Out Block Drill - Part Two

In the second half of the Kick Out Block Drill, Coach Thorsen shows players how to "Wrong Arm and Wheel it!" Using the Wrong Arm Technique to redirect the play, the defensive player "wheels" around the offense and towards the action. This is one of those defensive line drills where "Wrong" is right!