Football Drills: Offensive Line Drills

Fred Yancie all by Fred Yancie

Head Football Coach Briarwood Christian School
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Coach Yancey covers Offensive Line Drills.

Linemans Stance

Starting off correctly is the basis for success, and for an offensive lineman, the stance is where it starts (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

The Gun Snap

With many teams putting the QB back from the line, mastering the gun snap is a must. Coach Yancey demonstrates how to coach this vital skill (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Center Quarterback Exchange

The most critical part of any football play; if it does not work, neither will the play (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Drive Block

Dominating the man in front of you is a must for an offensive lineman, no ifs, ands, or buts. See the techniques needed to beat the defender (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Reach Block

When the defender is in the gap, he still must be blocked. The "Reach Block" is the way to do it (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Trap Block

Hard charging defensive linemen beg to be trapped. Learn this effective block that will put the skids on someone who is a bit too aggressive (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

A Discussion

We didn ot intend for this to be here, but a question was asked, the camera was on and the answer was too good to edit out (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

For The Coaches

This is aimed at new coaches or at the youth coach, and it is a few minutes spent discussing the lessons learned from over 30 years of experience. If there was a "required to coach" section, this would be in it (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).