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Now you're coaching linebackers, what does it take to play Linebacker? Are you up for the challenge of coaching linebackers? Sure you want speed. You want an athlete that explodes on the field. But, it takes a lot more to be a successful linebacker. It takes great instincts, effort, practice, AND a great Coach, like Keith Boone. Coach Boone, Assistant Football Coach at the University of North Alabama, takes us through his teaching progression for linebackers. Starting with alignment on the field and following all the way through to the result, Coach Boone prepares his athletes for success - on and off the field. Don't forget to "take care of the little things," like Blow Delivery, Blocking, and Tackling. Little things?! Yes, that's right, and proper coaching will keep them from becoming big problems. Sure there may be some false steps or misreads, but with the right coaching approach - AND repetition, repetition, repetition - the player who gives the effort, gets the result. Your turn to put forth some effort now. The videos are waiting! OH...and there are more linebacker drills available. Since you are coaching linebackers, here's more linebacker drills you can use.

Coaching Linebackers: More Than the Score

Coach Keith Boone loves the game of football. As a college player and now a college football coach, his passion for the game is evident. But, what is the true joy of coaching? Listen to Coach Boone explain his role as a "coach" in the lives of his young players and understand why a good coach is, first and foremost, a good person.

Coaching Linebackers: Teaching Progression

Coaching is teaching. A good teacher starts with the basics and steadily progresses through a plan that ultimately reaches the goal - or in this case, goal line. Beginning with the linebacker stance, read skills, and initial steps, Coach takes us through the plan until we reach the Result.

Little Things? Blow Delivery, Blocking, and Tackling

Actually, taking care of the "little things" is what keeps them manageable. Coach describes the techniques North Alabama uses to teach correct blow delivery, getting off the block, and tackling. A good base and driving feet will tackle those "little things"

Linebacker Stance: Six Points of Power

When a linebacker assumes the proper stance, he explodes on the field with a controlled power to make the play. So what's the stance that will give a linebacker the power edge? Watch this video to find out.

The Blitz: Neutralizing the Runningback

When you're blitzing, the linebacker's job is to get to the quarterback. Before you can tell an athlete when to blitz, you need to tell him how. Coach Boone goes through the various runningback attacks that a linebacker faces during the blitz - and how to respond to each one for a successful play. Here's some external reading if you are coaching linebackers.

Linebackers Common Skill Problems

Athletes are students. Coaches are teachers. What approach to learning works best? There's no one answer. Here are some tips from a coach who recognizes that each athlete is an individual and even in practice you need to be willing to change the game plan when needed.

Evaluating the High School Linebacker

Find out what a college football scout looks for in linebackers both on and off the field. From being on time for practice and class to going full speed from "snap to whistle", here are some specifics on what college coaches look for in potential players. Hopefully, coaching linebackers will be good for you and here's more info on coaching linebacker you may find interesting.