Fundamentals and Techniques

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Stances and starts plus techniques and drills to build linebackers that cause the quarterback to sweat .

Linebacker Introduction

Head coach of the Clay-Chalkville Alabama 6A State Champions, INTRODUCTION (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

The Linebacker Stance

The beginning of linebacker play, learn the proper stance for your linebackers (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Fit and Drive Drill

Fit your linebackers in proper tackling form (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Strike and Drive Drill

The next progression from the "fit and drive" drill (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Shed Drill, Extend

This drill shows how to shed a block then get to the ball (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Separate & Tackle

Put it all together to go from the stance to finding the ball to finishing it off with an outstanding tackle (COACHING LINEBACKERS).