Football Skills: A Crash Course for Linemen

Dickey Wright all by Dickey Wright

Head Football Coach Homewood High School
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Coach Wright covers the fundamental skills a linebacker needs to know and offers some agility drills to help develop aggressive and agile linebackers.

Linebacker Skills: The Stance

Coach demonstrates the square and staggered stances for linebackers. You'll also see the coaching points you have to hit so that your linebackers are prepared to do what they need to do.

Linebacker Skills: Tackling

Sound tackling fundamentals insure that your athletes are not only effectivebut safe. Here youll see how to change a runners gaze from the goal post to the top of the light posts!

Linebacker Skills: Footwork - The Crossover Drill

The crossover drill helps the linebacker develop his footwork, plus its a great drill for the other athletes on your team!

Linebacker Skills: The Karoki Drill

Moving laterally and staying in a good hitting position as the linebackers move down the line.

Linebacker Skills: Backwards Run

Looking for form and building the skill needed to get out of a backpedal and attack the ball.