Lineman Blocking Basics-The First Step

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In business, they say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Well, for the offensive lineman, football is his business and he may never get a chance to open up a hole if he doesn't make a good first step. This football offensive line drill was shot at the Southeastern Line Camp and it shows how important your footwork and your first step is when making a block.

Blocking-The First Step

Getting the first step down is critical from knowing exactly what 6 inches is to where the offensive lineman's hand is located. Another thing this drill works on is helping the offensive lineman NOT telegraph his intentions to the defensive lineman before the play, no matter if the block is straight ahead, a pull or even a pass block.

This drill is relatively simple, but you should take the time to study it to see what mistakes Coach Bnefield catches, what he's not catching and to prepare yourself so you know what to look for as you put your offensive linemen through their paces!