Lineman Basics

Buddy Anderson all by Buddy Anderson

Head Football Coach Vestavia Hills High School
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If you've ever needed a 'how to' of being a lineman, this is it! Both offense and defense fundamentals plus punt and field goal snapping are covered in this series. Coach Anderson also covers fitting a football helmet and fitting shoulder pads in this video.

Football Equipment - Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are one of the biggest safety items for a football player. This video covers fitting shoulder pads properly so your football player has the maximum amount of protection.

Football Equipment - The Helmet

The football helmet is probably the single most noticed piece of football equipment, make sure your football helmet fits correctly. In this video Coach Anderson covers fitting a padded football helmet and pre-fitting an air helmet.

Long Punt Snap

Head Coach and Athletic Director at Vestavia Hills High School, introduces himself,his athletes and the long punt snap.


This video shows the fundamentals of making a proper tackle and bringing the ball carrier to the ground.

Tackling Across the Bow

Most tackles are made at an angle, and Coach Anderson shows the proper angle tackle.

More Blocking!

The scoop block and the pull.

The Lineman's First Step

In football, the lineman's first step is key to attaining the advantage on the defensive player, we cover this first step in detail.

Fit Drill

This drill will help your offensive linemen get the proper positioning and help you teach them how to control the defensive man after they make contact.


Extra Point and Field Goal Snap

This video demonstrates drills and techniques for this snap.