Youth Sports: What to Expect in Middle School Football

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Head Football Coach Hewitt-Trussville High School
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Coaching youth football is a tough job. It takes dedication and patience. But, being the parent of a young athlete can be just as great a challenge! If you have a child preparing to enter the world of Middle School Football, this video series is a must. Learn the basics: from football registration to getting your athlete home after the game. Coach Riddle offers practical advice for parents and players to ensure a positive beginning experience. You can find more running back drills here.

The Basics: What Parents Need to Know About Middle School Football

Coaching football takes commitment. Playing football takes commitment. But, being the parent of a young athlete takes dedication to a new level. From practice schedules and medical exam requirements, to planning family vacations around game days - coaches and athletes aren't the only ones who have to demonstrate their dedication to the team.

Game Day: Transportation, Meals, and Heading Home

Football drills, offense, defense, football playbooks ... there's so much to know! But what's really important for the Middle School Football parent? When are the games?! How will your son get there?! What about mealtime?! Relax!! Coach has it all under control - and so will you after viewing this informative video on the details of Game Day.

Life Goes On: Scheduling Life Around Middle School Football

You've got to get your son to the dentist for that check-up this month. He really needs a haircut, too. Maybe you could run him by the barber after school. But what about football practice? This video give some practical tips to parents on working with the coach to make sure that the everyday "must-do's" get done even during the football season.

Youth Football Injuries

Just sore or really hurt? For parents and coaches, the safety of young athletes is paramount. Does your Middle School Football team have a certified athletic trainer? Does it matter? Learn how to treat minor injuries, and where to go when expert advice is needed.

Who Gets to Play?

Every child wants to catch (or throw) the winning pass. Coaches want every child to have a positive experience. But, every player just doesn't always make it to the field. Learn how parents play a vital role in the young athletes beginning competitive experience. Find out how to address concerns with the coach without creating a negative experience for your young athlete.