Football Drills: The Offensive Lineman 101

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This video covers the fundamentals every offensive lineman must know in order to be an effective blocker. If you are a youth coach starting out this video shows you the fundamentals your linemen MUST learn. If you are an experienced coach at a higher level make sure your offensive linemen know this stuff.

The Lineman's Stance

This is where it all begins for the offense: the Stance. This football skills video covers the details of a lineman's stance (DRILLS FOR OFFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Firing Off The Ball

The linemen come off the ball in perfect form putting what they have learned into action. The offensive linemen must be quick and the fundamentals from the previous sections are reinforced in this section.

The Fit Drill

This offensive line drill lets your lineman know how a perfect block feels. This drill uses a blocking dummy to perfect the form of a block giving your offensive lineman the feedback they need to dominate the line of scrimmage.

Introduction to Offensive Line Football Drills

Football Drills for offensive linemen.

Offensive Lineman 6 Inch Step

This is a very fundamental 6 inch step video that covers everything your offensive linemen need to know then reinforces the step with a quick drill from the left and right sides.

6 point explosion drill

This 6 point explosion drill pits your offensive lineman against a blocking dummy and helps him learn to explode as the ball is snapped.

Lineman Recap

This reviews the drills and tips presented in this video.