Building An Offensive Package II

Chris Yeager all by Chris Yeager

Head Football Coach Mountain Brook High School
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Having an offensive plan for any situation lets you face any defensive situation your opponent throws at you. Coach Yeager covers several offensive running plays and some things you can take to your practice today.

Building An Offensive Package

This technique helps you find offensive formations that are effective against a defense that you've scouted. These formations rely on a skill based offense where offensive players can be lined up into any formation and the skills they have learned in practice still apply. This technique is very flexible and best of all you don't have to have your opponent completely scouted by Sunday afternoon. This offense relies on wristbands and sound offensive skills and you can change things easily on Tuesday morning or in the middle of the second quarter. As you watch this clinic have a pad and paper handy to take some notes. PS This was an early Saturday morning clinic that was well attended and full of questions...proof that people were eager to hear what Coach Yeager had to say.