Building A Football Offensive Passing Package

Marty Rozell all by Marty Rozell

Offensive Coordinator Mountain Brook High School
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This football clinic video is full of ideas for the passing portion of a sound offensive pressure package that you can easily incorporate into your own offensive package.

Every football coach knows that his offensive package includes multiple items. You know that you must force the defense to defend the entire football field by attacking all areas of the football field. This will allow your offensive coaches to create mismatches that are critical to the success of an offense.

Every football coach knows that you must establish a running game to take some of the teeth out of the defenses ability to defend the pass. You can find out more about establishing your running game here.

You also have to minimize the mistakes your offense makes because the defense is looking for mistakes to capitalize on.

The nuts and bolts of this clinic on developing your passing game is a set of plays that are simple to learn, offer a multi prong attack and are easy to modify. Watch this clinic and learn how you can use your receivers to spread the defense out over the entire football field using just a few concepts that your offense can easily pick up and apply.

Offensive Passing Package

This video begins with X's and O's on an overhead projector covering some of the options your wide receivers have against the defense, then shows how effective these technique are using game film and questions from football coaches in the audience. It's not just about the receivers, you'll also get information about how your quarterback needs to read a defense in order to effectively use the strategies presented in this clinic.