Offensive Line Skills: Punch Techniques for Pass Sets

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Offensive linemen know you can pass set many different ways, but once initial contact is made, it's hand-to-hand combat on the football field. In this football video, Coach covers the universal Pass Blocking Stance and Punch Techniques for Pass Sets. A stable, yet flexible Stance and a Punch that concentrates the maximum amount of force through the defense is just what the offense ordered. These football offensive skills and drills will help your athletes put the defense in it's place: the locker room!

Offensive Line Skills: The Pass Blocking Stance

In this football video, Coach demonstrates the universal pass blocking stance. Starting with foot placement, then working through positioning of knees, hips, shoulders, and hands teach your offensive linemen how to create a pass blocking stance that is stable, but flexible.

Offensive Line Skills: Punch Techniques for Pass Sets

You've got the stance nailed down, now it's time to learn how to punch. The Straight Punch, High-Low Punch, Opposite Corners, and Centerline Punch techniques and drills are covered here.