Football Fundamentals: The Pass Pro Drill

Tony Johnson all by Tony Johnson

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It's one-on-one in this Football Pass Pro Drill. Coach Tony Johnson of Pinson Valley High School makes these Southeastern Line Camp athletes work for it. Covering both offensive and defensive skills, this football drill focuses on the pass rush. Leveraging against an opponent for the attack, athletes learn how to attack "half the body" rather than go for a head-on collision. This drill is basic man-on-man action that works on the fundamental skills needed to out maneuver the opposition.

Pass Pro Drill - Part One

It's one on one action as these athletes work on offensive and defensive skills for the pass rush. This drill works on those football fundamentals that are essential to successful game play.

Pass Pro Drill - Part Two

Young players tend to attack head-on, like trains colliding. Problem is, both trains wreck. This drill works on attacking "half the body" rather than meeting an opponent head-on. It's a "rip and get through" technique....and it works!