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Coach Steve Bailey of Woodland High School covers football quarterback play and shows some drills to develop your quarterbacks. The basics of the qb center exchange to one step drops, 3 step drops and roll out footwork are covered. Wilson GST Practice Football (1003 Pattern)

Quarterback Checklist

Coach Bailey begins by covering the things that make a great football quarterback then moves to the years schedule for quarterback workout drills.

Quarterback Drills

Moving through his summer quarterback drill series Coach Bailey gets all the way to July covering the quarterback basics.

Daily Schedule

Every day has a schedule and objectives that the quarterbacks must learn during the off season. From types of coverages, to the plays the football team will be running during the season.

Drop Back

When your quarterback drops back it must be a practiced move that has become his second nature. This covers one step drop back, 3 step drop back and rolling out.

More Drills

Here's more drills to help develop your quarterbacks during the off season months.