Defensive Line Read, React and Pursue Drills

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Your defensive linemen have to do more than lock up with the opposing offensive lineman and hope the ball carrier comes his way. Today, your defensive linemen must be able to get to the ball wherever it is (or may be) and he must do it quickly, with purpose and without getting suckered into a good fake by the ball carrier.

Defensive line coaches must concentrate on the lineman's first steps, tackling technique, his ability to shed blocks and his desire to create havoc in the offensive backfield, but you can not forget that defensive linemen must read the ball, react to the situation and pursue the ball carrier anywhere on the field in order to get the tackle. Because EVERYBODY loves a big gang tackle!

Defensive Line Drills-React and Pursue

These Defensive Line Ball Get Off Drills work your defensive linemen in a progression that teaches them to quickly and aggressively fire off the football, read what is happening with the football, react to the situation the play is presenting the pursue the ball and make the tackle.