wide receiver drills - Running Routes and Catching the football

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coach Greenville HS
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Coach Joey Hamilton from Greenville High School does a great overview of the wide receiver drills that his wide receivers work on during football practice. This video series was shot at the Alabama Football Coaches Association Coaching Clinic and if you are an offensive coach, this is a great teaching segment.

wide receiver drills - Stance and Start

For your wide receivers, it is important to get off the line of scrimage correctly. In this wide receiver drills video you'll learn a lot that may prevent your wide receiver from getting a false start. Work your recevers on both sides of the field and remind them to drop their hips and shoulders when making a cut.

Wide Receivers-Stick it to Create Separation

When doing your wide receiver drills to create separation, technique is more important than speed. We also show how the receivers use swim, rip and double fakes to get separation from the defensive backs at the line of scrimmage.

wide receiver drills -Catching and Routes

Keep your arms moving to keep the DB off balance, stick your foot, look the ball in, catch the football and tuck it away quickly. So much to remember, but this football receivers segment shows it all. On your curl routes, work the top of the route drill to build their technique.

Side Balls and North and South Drills

In this football segment on wide receivers, we show the side ball drill, where a receiver is coming across the field or on a go route. The north and south drill focuses on running with the football after catching a curl route.

wide receiver drills - Distraction and Reaction

Very rarely will your receiver catch the football without defenders around him. Here are some great drills for your receivers-distraction and reaction drills, catching low balls and high ball drills are all covered.