Football Tips: Running Back Skills

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Developing your running backs so you have a football team that can move the ball down the football field is a full time job. This series starts with ball security then moves to fumble recovery, attacking defenders, blocking and mixing different offensive systems. You can find more running back drills here.

Running Back Tips - Ball Security

Running back tips from two specific football plays during this video series. This first football video begins with ball security. Coach demonstrates the drills used to enforce ball security beginning with the "balance touch."

Football Skills: Running Backs - Forward Rolls

Forward Rolls are the focus in this football segment. Coach explains the various drills he uses to teach his athletes how to roll and then sprint. From the Monkey roll to the Seat Roll to High Knees with a Punch, running back tips galore, including how to handle the football when coming out of the roll.

Football Skills: Running Backs - Fumble Recovery

There is an art to recovering the fumble, and some good running back tips teaching players to "slide around the football." Curl up, squeeze the football, and STAY THERE until the whistle is blown! This segment includes Ball Security Circuits that are used during practice routines. It's high intensity and great for conditioning your athletes. Techniques for general ball carrying are also discussed.

Football Skills: Running Backs - Attacking Defenders

Running back tips for handling the football as you attack defenders.

Runningback Skills: Dipping and Ripping

Running back tips about taking blows from a defender and how he falls when he's tackled translate into extra yardage for your football team.

Running Back Skills: Blocking

Getting your running back to block takes work. They want to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball...but to be a great running back, you must be able to block. Here's some running back tips you can use to develop running backs that block.

Different Offensive Systems

If you run different offensive systems at the same time you know the difficulties you encounter when you try to mix them up. Here's some running back tips his team has used to be able to mix different systems at the same time.