Special Teams

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Larry Blakeny of Troy State University covers the importance of special teams, methods to get special team practice in, shield and rugby punts and kick off coverage.

Special Teams Overview

This is an overview of the special teams philosophy used at Troy State University to help insure strong special teams.

Practicing Special Teams

Your special teams periods need to be planned to get the most out of your valuable time and your kickers, snappers and holders need to be ready early.

More On Practice

Special teams are revisited on a regular schedule in the MIDDLE OF PRACTICE, here's why the Troy State staff thinks it's important.

Shield Punt

Here's some good information about using the shield punt with your punting team.

Rugby Punts

The rugby punt may have a place on your punt team, here's some information to help you decide if the rugby punt is right for your team.

Kickoff Coverage

You'll do a kickoff cover at least once per game (hopefully more), here's some ideas about a good kick coverage plan.