Eagle Defense: A Football Defensive Chalk Talk

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Coach Bill Clark his eagle defense strategy and draws the X's and O's for multiple eagle defense plays and formations in this football clinic session.

Eagle Defense: Goals and Philosophy

This football series begins with basic defensive goals and philosophy. The take home message: the defense can win the game. Goals and philosophy will vary for every team, but Coach explains why his defense's primary goal is a shut out. Other good goal discussion along with the importance of a clear defensive philosophy, including practice strategies. Note: more eagle defense and other football defense information.

Football Defense: The Eagle

It's important to an effective defense to know your personnel. Includes down and distance tendancy, and field position tendancy. It's also important to Coach then begins discussion of matching 3-4 personnel into a 4-3 team scheme, in this case an Eagle defense. More football defensive strategies.

Football Defense: Personnel

How to have an effective Eagle Defense strategy b y "flip-flopping" personnel based on the tight-end. Your athletes must be some of strongest on the field. The versatility of this defense depends a great deal on football practice techniques and time.

Eagle Defense: Formation Adjustments - One

Coach discusses how his defensive players change their alignment based on formation and goes over specific formations. Coach begins with Pro and Twin, then goes to Pro Tight as he discusses formation and alignment.

Football Defense: Formation Adjustments - Two

This segment goes into specific plays including the Power G and the Iso discussing whose running and whose holding.

Football Defense: Formation Adjustments - Three

Coach continues with the Power G to the weak side including Veer in the discussion. The multiplicity of this defensive strategy is discussed as well.

Football Defense: Formation Adjustments - Four

More on Formation Adjustments showing changes based on whether facing a King set or Queen set. Discussion continues with Movements including Eagle Gap, Nasty, Eagle Tag, and Gap Tag.

Football Defense: Formation Adjustments - Five

Drawing out the X's and O's in the Eagle Stab, Eagle Stick, Eagle G, and many more.

Football Defense: Formation Adjustments - Six

Going through the Solid Look, including the weakness in this strategy. Included are EAgle Solid, Eagle solid Gap, and more. The take home message to this football defense video series is focusing on pursuit, tackling, weight room training, take-aways, and speed.