Football Strategy: The Vertical Pass Set Offense

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What's the greatest advantage of the Vertical Pass Set Offense? Players can see the defensive motion and react.... protecting the quarterback. Compliments of the Southeastern Line Camp, Coach Chris Clark focuses on the basics: a good base position, footwork, and positioning for power. Nail the stance and step and go for depth. Players need to get back and get set quickly to make the most of this offensive strategy.

Vertical Pass Set - Part One

Coach Clark covers the objectives of the Vertical Pass Set Football Offense. Start with a good base position and go for depth. What's the greatest advantage to this offense? Athletes can see the defensive motion and react while protecting the quarterback.

Vertical Pass Set - Part Two

Stance and step. That's the focus of this football drill for fine-tuning the Vertical Pass Set. Head, hands, and feet - get back and get set quickly. Coach shows these players how to get power out of position.