Wing T Offense: Coaching Wing T Football

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Head Football Coach Hewitt-Trussville High School
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The Wing T Offense is a basic football offense that's easy to learn and flexible for incorporation into any football program. Coach Hal Riddle draws the X's and O's that will help you gain the yardage you need to develop a successful offensive team. From Numbering to the Buck Sweep Cross to the Waggle Pass, the Wing T offense puts football fundamentals to work on the field.

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Coaching Football Offense: The "Wing T Offense"

The "Wing T" is a fundamental offense that can be used with players at any level - from the youth leagues to high school and college. In this introduction, Coach Riddle explains the basics beginning with the base wing t football formation. From this base-alignment, learn how to adjust positioning in response to your opponent's strategy or based on your players' skill level. (WING-T OFFENSE).

Wing T Football: Offensive Numbering System

You've got the players lined up, now it's time to put the play in motion. The numbering sequence for the Wing T puts players on the same page... uh... on the same field, that is. Numbering is one way to achieve a coordinated offensive attack in wing t football (WING-T OFFENSE).

Wing T Football Play: Buck Sweep Cross

The action is tight between the quarterback, fullback, and tailback at the mid-line. But, the backfield action doesn't stop there. Confuse the defense while moving your team closer to the winning score using the Cross Buck Sweep. (WING-T OFFENSE).

Wing T Football Play: Cross Buck Sweep, Line Action

The blocking scheme for the Cross Buck Sweep is covered in this segment (WING-T OFFENSE).

Wing T Football: Counter Trap

With the same basic backfield action, Coach Riddle covers the counter trap (WING-T OFFENSE).

Wing T Football: Waggle Pass

You guessed it! Same basic backfield action and you have an excellent pass play to get the yardage you need (WING-T OFFENSE).